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BT060 - SUG "Only Hidden Once" c43

Mike Sugarman (a man of many names, and just a few pairs of shades) has melted the veils of many-a-reality across America's finest basements, bar-rooms, and crawl-spaces with his inimitable time-defying brand of computer-fusion. Sugarman's experiments veer between oscillations of transcendence and meditations on disorientation, cracking open mindbrains across his current whereabouts of Chicago with the veritable bedlam of his live sets, as well as in lysergic collaborations with some of the windy-city's headiest Central Time Zoners (UTC-5:00).

Equally footed in his lineage from Xenakis as he is from The Residents, Sugarman helms a ship of mycelial colonialists thru Escher landscapes of perception and the woozy haze of internet runoff from the Great Galactic Garbage Patch. 'Only Hidden Once' finds Sugarman solidifying his third-stage evolution form (Sugarman>Sugarm>Sug), and carving a worm-hole through the megalith of consciousness via brute algorithmic confusion and dilated drones.



BT061 - Q///Q "Serene Answer" c32

Much like Peter Kris' German Army empire, Q///Q lurks in the shadows, born of clandestine mystery - the project alone serving as the sole guide, a vessel free from the burden of brand or allegiance.

But Kris' work remains singular in its paradoxical execution - again and again striking an impossible balance of songcraft that is striking in both its fresh vitality as well as its sonic timelessness. Teaming with Quinn Brayton, 'Serene Answer' comes from undeniable pedigree and sees the pair further distilling Q///Q's haunting rhythms to bottle the smoke without sacrificing its potency.

Q///Q is---
quinn brayton/ new collapse, centimeters.
peter kris/ german army, germ class, final cop




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