Fresh new batch for Halloween.
Beyond stoked to have y'all tune your brains to these scorchers ...

BT072 Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band "One For The Heads" c48 (ltd. 60)

Another slab of heady psychotropic syrup straight from the ground zero of psychedelia, San Francisco. Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band have been on a absolute tear lately, with a new LP about to drop on Cardinal Fuzz Records and Feeding Tube, another magnetic offering imminent on Eiderdown, plus a vinyl reissue of an absolutely essential stunner of split with Connecticut’s Headroom on deck. If they are not on your radar, get your head checked. ‘One For The Heads' is a scorcher of deep-fried out-of-body delights, where the boogie choogle of slow-burn lysergic-drenched guitar and cosmos-ripping violin interweave with otherworldly vocal incantations over the propelling momentum of the deft grooves of an uncanny rhythm section, transporting the listener on a dosed journey through the depths of consciousness and beyond the farthest reaches of galaxies unknown.



BT073 Jeff Tobias "Completely Phantom" c32 (ltd. 60)

Perhaps you recognize Jeff Tobias from his stints ripping with the late Arthur Doyle and His New Quiet Screamers, or as a micro-zonal reedsman with David First’s Western Enisphere. Maybe you saw him boogying down with Doc Eugene Chadbourne, or had your face melted by his straight-up shred with Sunwatchers (aka New York’s best band, fight me).

Following up a release of ensemble works in 2016 on Soap Library, Jeff here steps forward and strips back to allow his raw saxophone explorations to take center stage.

Improvised and recorded live in a tunnel by the water in Riverside Park on a cool New York evening this past July, ‘Completely Phantom’ at its essence is a dude, his sax and the city’s hustle-and-bustle overhead, but where it begins its disorienting trajectory is inconsequential as the boundaries between each begin blur and distort as the release unfolds.

’Completely Phantom’ sees Tobias push his saxophone to its absolute breaking point, resonating and activating the foundations of the Upper West Side above, not unlike warming up a gong or tuned wineglasses. Tone poems of extreme reedsmanship test the overtones of concrete and brick, vibrating the open air between, and animating the pavement in harmony with the living, breathing city around it. Once awoke, Tobias keeps the pressure on the structure, imploring circular breathing to keep fundamentals and standing waves excited, while investigating a vast array of extended techniques and harmonic explorations through it.

As the old proverb goes, New York's alright if you like saxophones.


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