Long time coming, this one...

BT083 LOOKS REALISTIC "Field Footage" c63 (ltd. 60)

Looks Realistic are back after six years in exile. Recorded in a cabin in the mountains of northern New Hampshire, with additional sessions recorded at The Firehouse in Worcester between 2014 and 2015, Field Footage sees Joe Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall's return to form with a true space age treasure, one nearly lost to the ravages of time.

Field Footage is a bubbling long player of analogue alchemy - bridging deep forest zone explorations with the astral projections of late night new age meditations. The duo traverse the expansive sound tundra of infinite synthesis - deftly navigating distant worlds through ritual slow burn ambient drones and acrobatic flexes of swarming arpeggiations alike - unearthing the archeological artefacts of future memories of forthcoming civilizations, exploring the library tomes of parallel realities, and surveying the ruins of rapidly-approaching diverging timelines.

Field Footage is the blackbox Joe and Ryan have sent back to the rest of us from their voyages beyond time and space itself.


released September 4th, 2020

Looks Realistic is Ryan Mulhall and Joe Bastardo
Recorded at The Ponderosa & The Firehouse 2014-2015
Mixed at The Firehouse & Moss Archive 2014-2019

Artwork by Joe
Mastered by Jon Brown

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