Big City Orchestra - misterioso:

01. Battuta 04:26 mp3
02. Varese 12:52 mp3
03. Stimmung 3:27 mp3
04. Soltice 13:58 mp3
05. Church 3:33 mp3
06. Troppo 14:56 mp3
07. Verismo 7:42 mp3
08. Static (like a heart attack) 16:21 mp3

Cover Art: High Resolution

"There is never any way to precisely classify the next BCO release. An album of authentic sea-shanties? A wall of noise? A shimmering downpour of lullabies whispered to the wind? A humorous or thought-provoking album of Sound Collages? Vocal excursions set to make Rod McKuen blush? We press play, leaning forward with slight apprehension. We await the first wave of blissful deception. We are perpetually rewarded."
- Dr. Edgar C. Whirlsplatt