Absolutely colossal day for Baked here.
Beyond elated to be dropping a brand new tape from a personal hero ...

BT071 - GOODIEPAL "100% Næstekærligheds Tek Radio" c94

It's hard to distill the enigma that is Goodiepal to a couple of introductory lines of a character bio.

The cult around his work runs so deep, has so many facets, and is so brambly, that it can only be characterized as a modern saga in the truest sense - dense with lores of impossible certainties, littered with fantastic legend, and peppered with the occasional half-truth fable or conflicting story, that when woven together, require the full breadth of the mythos to wash over you, as it's otherwise impossible to unpack a single action without shifting to its interdependence and interplay within the grander arc of his story.

I've been an engrossed gatherer of his work for the last 10+ years and still require multiple hours to provide a narrow introduction when people ask for a proper in-roads to getting deeper into his discourse. Where does one begin in a catalog so truly remarkable that it yields as endlessly as one wants to dig into it?

Often his records require multiple routes to unpack - multi-directional multi-tracks and cut speeds, intricate often-harmful etchings (often cut directly over tracks), purposely obfuscated metadata & deceptive naming redundancies, clandestine distribution methods, boundless companion texts/releases, cloaked pseudonyms, and of course, impossible scarcity (even in the seemly 'forever' digital space). Deep-linking URLs appear throughout his texts, often hidden in margins or obscured within imagery, establishing a treasure map that operates not unlike a choose-your-own-adventure game, where multiple parallel rabbit-holes can yield copious possible realities. Cryptic easter eggs often uncover secret passages that ladder up both forwards and backwards thru time - linking, pivoting, evolving, or contradicting prior dialogues. Goodiepal's maximal approach to leveraging the full distribution capabilities of the internet is singular. Video distribution platforms, file sharing systems, wiki collaborative architectures, hidden-in-plain-site hacker channels or encrypted engines - all are game and each has their proper place in moving the story further along.

Musician, Theorist, Educator, Producer, Organizer, Trickster... Goodiepal is a singular nodule point in modern(/future) music.

While his past work has centered around compositional gaming scenarios, resonance computing, utopia, time, artificial intelligences, language and technology, and the role of the composer within Radical Computer Music itself, two years ago he relocated his base operations to the Balkans, where he has assembled a crew that have taken to working deeply with the persecuted refugee community, organizing on their behalf and amplifying their stories by shining a much needed light on a region and peoples largely neglected by western media outlets.

100% Næstekærligheds Tek Radio operates as a hybrid pirate radio broadcast of radical computer music and a scene report from the front lines of the refugee camps. Vital underground documentation.

The world is on fire.


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