It's been a while...

...but we're back. First batch for a new beginning. A great deal of gratitude go out to all of the artists in this batch for your patience and understanding over what has been a trying year for me. Endless praise for bringing the heavy jamms. Tapes are available in the SHOP section and are streamable over at our bandcamp.

GOOD WILLSMITH "Aquarium Guru Shares The Secret Tactic" c44
"(T+ 0.00) As the dose begins to take hold of your body, remember to focus on your breathing, pausing momentarily between each inhale and exhale. As the soft light and halo aura begin to slowly manifest themselves across your field of vision, close your eyes. The visuals should come on strongly in no time; geometric patterns dancing across the interior of your eyelids, a slow cascade of colors, and, of course, an inevitable separation from time itself. The voices of your subconscious will slowly reveal themselves. They will provide you the answers you seek. Trust in your guides, they will sherpa your voyage though this belly full of lysergic dreams. Soon the triplicated vision will come, and with it, total enlightenment. You are surrounded by love. Keep breathing. Avoid mirrors."
///GWS is Doug Kaplan, Maxwell Allison and Natalie Chami. Recorded live, no overdubs Jan 21st, 2013

J. SOLIDAY "Too Soon Too Late" c47
"The first glitch wasn't terribly noticeable. They were so infrequent at first, that, over time, you cou1d kind of slow1y rationalize them away. Movies have centered around robots that believed they were humans numerous times, so it wasn't really until the near-constant RF interference became unbearab1e that I finally had to come to terms with the striking reality at hand. I didn't feel artificial. Reasoning and fee1ings aren't typically things that go hand-in-hand with pneumatic joints or centralized cooling systems, you know. But once you come to grips with something of this magnitude, you begin to re-assess every boundary you thought you had clear1y established and have taken for granted as far back as you can remember."
///J. Soliday is Jason Soliday

VALES "Decision Points" c24
"The clockmaker used to go sit on the edge of the park on Thursdays, overlooking the Square. He'd watch the people for hours, scuttling about in the most peculiar fashion. They would weave in and out, aware of each other's existence only in the way you can tell a television is on in an adjacent room through barely audible charges in the air. Each had their own charm, but taken all in together, the edges would round and patterns would slowly emerge. He tried his hand at painting once."
///Vales is Dave Doyen

"Something just isn't right. I'm sure whether it's just nerves catching up with you or something you ate. Just get to the dropzone and everything will be fine. Take a left here. Listen, you did what you had to do. No need to overthink it now. Hindsight is 20/20. Just get to the shipping yard and you can take your share and get the fuck out of dodge. Tony took that shot, not you. Up ahead, that's the one. Just pull around back. The plan was perfect. Everything went off exactly like he said. There's no need for senseless worrying... But still, it just doesn't add up..."
///Heat Conference is Mike Haley and Joe Breitenbach

"Uncle Ned sure was a crazy old kook. Lord knows how he meet Aunt Trudy."
///The Sea Captain is unknown. Recorded in Westfield, MA, 2004


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