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Telecult/Bellerue Foxy D Review

Telecult Powers / Bob Bellerue - Baked in the Kitchen Taken from Foxy Digitalis Thanks Robert!

TELECULT POWERS / BOB BELLERUE “Baked in the Kitchen” c40 (Baked Tapes)
“Baked in the Kitchen” is a collaborative effort from New York experimentalists Telecult Powers and Bob Bellerue. Recorded on a November night in 2008, this tape pulls from that setting and emits a duo of dreary, side-long drone sprawls.

Predominantly featuring use of electronics and feedback, “Baked in the Kitchen” is cold yet radiant. The extraterrestrial glimmers of side A are met with gurgling, low-end clatter, while scrapes of synth spike upwards through the mix. Crunching and rattling, the analog sounds are like memories of long-abandoned industrial blocks– ghosts emerging from long obsolete machinery. The deep drones of side B take on a far more ominous feel than its side A counterpart. It hums like endlessly spinning cogs of a celestial machine adrift in the pitch black space. Jagged chunks of delay and distortion fit together likes pieces of a jigsaw, moving en masse with no particular destination. Telecult Powers and Bellerue work together seamlessly in crafting these excursions, making interesting, subtle movements and never overwhelming.

This is the second straight Baked Tapes release I have reviewed and I am again impressed. The efforts of Telecult Powers and Bob Bellerue have resulted in another slice of Baked Tapes drone that deserves to spend time in the tape deck. Turn out the lights and pop it in at 3 AM. Getting baked in the kitchen beforehand is optional. 8/10 — Robert Oberlander

Earbuds: TeleKILT powers @ DBA

Raven, Bob, Jesse, Matt & Bill
Raven [KILT], Bob [KILT], Me [BAKED], Matt [TELECULT] & Bill [MATHBILL]

A few weeks back I headed to Death By Audio for the final NYC night of a northeast KILT invasion. KILT, for you not in the know, is a duo comprised of Bob Bellerue, of Redglaer, Halfnormal fame and Raven Chacon.

To consolidate time between sets, KILT partnered up with Baked friends, Telecult Powers for a tag team, back to back, double header of monstrous audacity.

Here, in it’s glory, for your listening pleasure, are/is the sets, broken in two, as i had to flip my cassette right as Telecult took over:


Earbuds: Telecult Goldberg @ Tommy’s Tavern

This past weekend was an incredibe testament to how far the NYC noise scene has come in the past few years. Just a short time ago, having one killer show in a weekend was reason enough to get excited, but for me, hitting up 5 rock solid shows (okay, one was in western mass.) was a true test to the ears, and a feast to the psyche, one which i was happy to subject myself to.

Among the MVPs of the weekend were my local favs Telecult Powers and Pizza Night honcho, Sam Goldberg, who each respectively utilized the Glasslands sound system to it’s fullest extent to churn my insides into a juicy pile of cosmic slop. Following Sam bringing it hard the next afternoon at Eat Records, the two joined forces for a short, but sweet, collab for Pendu’s Black Mass at Tommmy’s Tavern in Greenpoint.

Without any further ado… I present to you the first in a series I’d like to call “Earbuds”, some of my collection of cassette ‘bootlegs’ of localized noise dudes I think are spiffy. Shows will be stream-only until I can confirm the downloadability of each…